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name: Peter Wieschermann

date of birth: 22.05.1962 in: Duisburg, Germany

married since 2005 to Helena, father of luis since 2009.


1993 MBA in economics, university of cologne


1994 publishing- and management deal with kick.musik köln


1995 guitar player on Sandy Reed´s album "I Believe"(WEA, gold-status in japan) guitar player and producer on "Reed-Me" (WEA): production in New York with Andy Marvel (Diana King, Celine Dion), Peter Zizzo (Celine Dion), Matt Noble and Bratt Lawrence( Rick-Wake-Music)


1996 musical director and guitar player Sandy-Reed-Japan-Tour


since 1997 own studio facilities in cologne for TV music

Title song for german evergreen tv program "Nikola" (RTL)

since 1998 management deal with Airtight Management CT, USA publishing deal with Famous Music, L.A., USA writing-sessions with Gary Burr (who wrote for Faith Hill, LeAnn Rhymes/Shania Twain)


1999 foundation of "Big Balls LLC", publishing and production, CT, USA, with Sandy Reed


SongWriter/Producer Album "Cassandra" in London and New York for Warner Music Group,L.A. with Jimmy Ienner and Luis Jardim (who co-produced with Trevor Horn for Grace Jones, Marc Morrison, Frankie Goes To Hollywood)

2000 production of various TV commercials for McCann-Erickson, Frankfurt (Opel Vectra, Opel Agila, Opel Astra Classic, Coca-Cola) and for EuroRSCG/Havas worldwide Düsseldorf (Reckitt- Benckiser "Calgonit", "Flizz","Hoffmann´s")


2002 single production "4theCourse" in Chicago for BMG Germany

co-production/-songwriting with Karim S. Elias for the album "Hinter Gittern Vol.1 und 2" (the german "behind bars") for Grundy/UFA , which sold together over 200.000 units (gold status)  

award "goldene stimmgabel 2002" for best newcomer song)

2003 co-production/songwriting with Karim S. Elias for the album "Trau Dich" Katy Karrenbauer for SonyMusic,sold about 50.000 copies ,

music for "Mama und Ich" 13 episodes (SAT1) ,"Trautes Heim" 13-episodes(RTL)

songs for the german movies "Rhythm is it" 2003 and "Samba in Mettmann"


2004 various radiospots "WDR-media-group" for all WDR radio stations 2005 "Das geheime Leben der Spielerfrauen"  (RTL), "Spurlos" (RTL

2005 "Aktenzeichen XY" (ZDF)

2006 "Hammer und Hart" TV-movie (Pro7) "Carwash" ,"Der Pascha von Nippes" (RTL-pilote series) "Jump start" sung by "Right Said Fred" (RTL-Trailer) 

station IDs for new digital tv-stations "RTL crime", "RTL passion", "RTL living"


"Mitten im Leben" 9 episodes RTL-series with Heiner Lauterbach


"Tierisch Kölsch" "Nürnberger Schnauzen" "Dresdener Schnauzen" "Ruhrpottschnauzen", "Tierische Kumpel", animal-docu, 1000+ episodes plus title song (ZDF)


"Clearasil" TVC 4 TV-Commercials broadcasted wordwide


2009/10 jazz/funk-cd "swopmusic one" published on our own record label "swop-records"


"otto´s eleven" cinema movie. guitars, bass, keyboard programming for famous german film composer Karim S. Elias 


2011 "Vodafone" new mobile phones, 3 ringtones worldwide


"Onita Boone" winner of 1 million $ in SAT1 Talent Show "…and the winner is" (SAT1) album production/writing of 8 songs with grammy awarded star producer Mousse T.


"Frontal 21- Brauner Terror Blinder Staat" (ZDF) docu with Jens Hafemann , "Verklickt" Education Movie by the German Police with Jens Hafemann


2013 "Adnan- Unter wilden Tieren" 5 episodes (ARTE) travel docu with Jens Hafemann

JBL presentation music for new soundsystems Toyota/JBL for OSK agency cologne  

Harman-Kardon/Mini presentation music for new soundsystems for OSK agency cologne


2014 "wildes Land" (ZDF) additional guitars and production for K.S.Elias

"Die Familiendetektivin" (ZDF) production of the title song "Read the Signs" sung by Claudia Hauf written by K.S.Elias

 "Zwischen Welten" movie, featured song written and produced , sung by Claudia Hauf, movie music composed by K.S.Elias

"Die Fahnderin" (ZDF) guitar player for K.S.Elias,

song "In My Mind" ZDF Movie "Inga Lindström"

Music for Mercedes-Benz China (agency OSK China) Performance Music Opening R&D Center Beijing and Guangzhou Motor Show (C-Class Launch)


2015 "Deine Arbeit, Dein Leben!" WDR Doku with Jens Hafemann, Title Music for ZDF Movie "Das geheime Leben unserer Hunde" with Jens Hafemann, div. tracks for ZDF series "Terra X" with Jens Hafemann

2016 songs and tracks for K.S. Elias "Inga Lindström" (ZDF TV movies) Cinema Movie "Rabbi Wolf", Cinema Movie “Antonio, Ihm schmeckt´s nicht!",

SAT1 TV-Serie "Einstein", TV Movie "Dassler" , TV Movie „Die Puppenspieler“ ZDF


Production „Mer fliege im Ballon“ cologne Traditional Band Klüngelköpp, 

Audiob´Book „Der Kinderfresser“ by Klaus Strenge with various famous german actors Dietmar Bär, Christoph Maria Herbst, Jürgen von der Lippe, Marcus Maria Profitlich, Hella von Sinnen, Nina Vorbrodt e.a.

2017 Cinema Movie for K.S.Elias „Schatz, nimm Du sie!“ with famous comedian Caroline Kebekus div. Arrangements und Gitarreneinspielungen

Tv-Series Pilot „Dead End“ Sounddesign, Composition and all mixing

Production „Augebleck“ , „Bella Ciao“  Klüngelköpp, div.

Live-performances with Yasmina Hunzinger and Klüngelköpp


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